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The attorney at Nations Trust Title, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in title, escrow, and closing services to buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions in South Florida. We are an experienced Real Estate Title Company which has worked in the title business since 1991. We provide support to clients from the execution of the Sales Contract, Negotiations, Title and Lien Search, Lender outreach and Settlement Services.  We effectively manage the closing process to provide you with professional title services.


Residential Real Estate Closings

The staff at Nations Trust Title, Inc. offers 25 years of experience in residential title insurance industry. We fully understand real estate transactional law. Our firm offers a standard of excellence, integrity and compassion that is the foundation for excelling in the closings of real estate transactions. We take pride in providing you the the highest quality of real estate closing services by utilizing the latest technology, dedicated processing, and excellent customer service.


Nations Trust Title, Inc. offers a team of real estate professionals who are experts in the issuing of title policies, commitments and title searches in South Florida. We understand the complexities of residential title closing. More importantly, we know that the last place you can afford to make mistakes is at the goal line when it’s time for funding and signatures. Our title and closing experts and internal quality control processes help ensure the closing proceeds as smooth as possible.


Commercial Real Estate Closings

Nations Trust Title offers complete commercial real estate title and settlement services. We’ve built our reputation over two decades of providing responsible, efficient, and professional title services to buyers, sellers, realtors, mortgage brokers, developers and lenders in the area.


Our staff draws from a wide range of experience in the commercial real estate industry, allowing you to complete even the most complicated settlements with confidence. We begin with a thorough title search and examination, to identify and address any concerns prior to closing. We work to insure that you come to the settlement table with complete confidence.


Consumer Title Insurance

Consumer Title insurance is simple. It protects you if someone later sues and says they have a claim against your property from a previous owner. Most lenders require you to purchase a lender’s title insurance policy for this very reason as to protect their funds. Even in the event you buy your property with cash, acquiring an owner’s title insurance policy will help protect one of your biggest financial investments. Protecting your most valued asset should be your number one priority and Nations Trust Title, Inc. is here to help! Our consumer title insurance services helps protect you from fraudulent claims against your ownership, undisclosed heirs, liens, damages, etc.


We understand since most consumers don’t buy, sell, borrow or refinance real estate on a regular basis, the process of acquiring title insurance can be confusing.  Choose our company to represent you and your interests.  Our goal is to provide you with professional title services and insure that your investment is protected.   We will coordinate with all the parties to the transaction, guide you through this process and provide you with consumer title insurance protection for your benefit.


Private Investor Closing

At Nations Trust Title, Inc. we understand that time is money. If you are an investor (or wholesale buyer) specializing in short sales, REOs, estate properties, or other investment type properties then you need a closing agent you can trust who will get the job done for you, period. We get it. During the daunting process of securing your investment property, you may have a more difficult time securing loans from traditional lenders due to the nature of your property acquisitions. Sure there are many options for those seeking rewarding but risky opportunities in Florida’s diverse and vibrant real estate market but what you need is a member of your team who can help you close deals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We understand that each investor closing case is both complex and unique with many variables attached. This makes hiring us as your title company crucial to your bottom line. We have the knowledge, flexibility and organizational speed to close your investment. Our highly qualified firm is experienced enough to handle even the most complex investment transactions. Trust in Nations Trust Title, Inc. to navigate you through the rough waters of taxes, titles, insurance and property sales/purchases for your next investment property. Our company policies and procedures are specifically designed to ensure that every transaction closed in our office is handled with the highest standards of precision and care.


Title Service For Realtors

Nations Trust Title, Inc. is always looking for partners in this exploding real estate market! We understand that you need a title company you can trust to get the job done for you. Being in the title business for over 25 years, we appreciate the crucial role that realtors play in our industry. We are strong advocates for the critical services and direction provided by our Realtor community for both buyers and sellers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the residential and commercial real estate transaction process which includes expanded buyer and seller referral resources and growth opportunities for Realtors. Closing your deal is our #1 priority.


Everyday we get asked questions daily from consumers that are new to the real estate transaction process. We do our best to provide quick overviews of the transaction process and what they should consider when choosing a Listing or Buyer’s Agent, but there is no better resource to these potential buyers/sellers than the input of an experienced realtor. We welcome your input and direction to constantly improve our education and guidance resources. We realize that for you to be the best… you have to align yourself with the best. We look forward to working and growing together! if you are a realtor who is interested in teaming up with us, please contact us and we’ll get started.

Nations Trust Title, Inc. is here to help you close the deal! 786.866.8146

The staff at Nations Trust Title, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in title, escrow, and closing services to buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions in South Florida.